Saturday, December 08, 2007

Local train boycott!!

We the 3 million people living in Mira road- Virar stretch, will not travel by local trains on 10th December from 6 am to 6 pm.
Why boycott?
The boycott form is chosen this time because ALL the people living in Mira Road-Virar region have to participate in the protest. If each one of us decides to sacrifice one days wage or casual leave and be a part ,it will be a protest of 30 lakhs people! Such a massive protest on International human rights day is bound to attract the national and international media.Thus exposing the daily "torture" of the commuter.All the political and social organisations have pledged there support.

Adding few services here and there will not solve the problem!!
If we satisfy ourselves with the negligible increase in services,Virar locals will continue as Torture chambers for many generations to come! As is evident time between two Virar trains is more than 10 minutes.Though there are are some Bhayander and Vasai trains.But there are very few.
Most of the commuters of Vasai, Mira Road, Naigaon rely on virar locals.Getting into the Virar local in Nalasopara itself is a big battle,what to say about the four
next stations??

One Virar Local every 5 Minutes.Fulfil this demand right now!
The Railways authorities should acknowledge the fact that passenger traffic in Vasai-virar sector is much more than in Andheri-Churchgate sector.Logically therefore suburban train frequency in the Andheri -Virar sector should be more.
We have given our suggestions:
1.Speed up rakes procurement and give Virar sector the due preference in allotment.
2.Convert all Bandra Churchgate services and some Andheri -Churchgate locals to Virar locals.
3.Deploy motormen at both ends of the Virar locals so that waiting time of trains at Virar be reduced.
We will not suffer in silence any more!

AS per Railways own estimate,in peak hours trains 16-17 commuters are compelled to huddle together in one square meter of floor space for an hour and more!
It is a misery forced on commuters by the insensitive administration which cares nothing about safety,health and dignity of its tax payers!!
The continuance of theses torture chambers is not acceptable to us. Millions of people living in suburbs can not ans should not be treated as worms anymore!
This is the declaration of rail boycott.All commuters and the real Mumbaikars must support this campaign.
(Original text as it appears in the leaflets distributed by the commuters )

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