Saturday, December 29, 2007

Terror warning for India.

The security implication of the turmoil in Pakistan is huge for India.According to an old Hindi saying 'One can never be stable and secure if the neighbourhood is unsafe".

The economic prosperity of India and the technological advancement are in very sharp contrast to poverty and chagrin in Pak.
The death of Benazir is a blow to not only Pakistani citizens but in India too.I personally feel a deep sense of anguish and anger over the blatant unruliness and mess in Pak which terminated Benazir.
The theories propounded are Al Quaida and Taliban are ambiguous,the real picture will emerge in some time to come.The hope less situation in Pak is a security and stability threat for the subcontinent.
India is in a precarious state with turbulent neighbour hood like Sri Lanka,Nepal,Bangladesh,Pakistan,Afghanistan and China.
Srilanka is perennially hit by Tamil terrorism with terrorist hitting with Aircraft's too,Suicide bombings are common event in a Lanka's diary!
Nepal is still coming to terms with Maoism terror and fight for democracy!!
Bangladesh is a breeding ground of hardcore Islamic terrorists with close tie ups with Al Quida!
Myanmar is a military Junta with open support from Beijing?
Afghanistan can be hardly claimed to be stable in any sense!!
China has its own military and territorial agenda which is hidden but evident!
And now this violence and terror in Pakistan!!
The Indian intelligence agency the BSF the Army and the whole security apparatus has daunting task of averting the inevitable.May god help in prevailing peace and tranquillity.

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