Thursday, December 20, 2007


Cops will re-investigate the case of Gaurang Dalvi -- the 13-year-old Bombay Scottish student who was found hanging at his Shivaji Park residence 13 days ago -- after the boy's parents publicly stated that this was not a case of suicide but a game of dare gone wrong.

"We will call the parents and speak to them once again on the matter. We will ask them why they did not reveal these details to the police," says ACP BU Bhange.

The cops also want to trace the phone call that the parents received from his friends shortly after his death.

Earlier, cops had said the boy committed suicide probably because of low scores in the exams. The Dalvis, however, insist that they don't want the cops to investigate the matter any further.

"We don't want the police to trace the identity of the children involved in the game, as we believe they were ignorant of the consequences of their actions. We spoke to the press only because we want other parents to be aware of such games," says Mondira Dalvi, Gaurang's mother.

The Dalvis say that, after the incident, they heard from Gaurang's friends that he was involved with a group of boys who were playing the "choking game" in which youngsters temporarily cut the oxygen supply to the brain in order to get a high. They say, in this instance, it resulted in death.


Anonymous said...

Mr. & Mrs. Dalvi are good people who are actually thinking of other boys, since once these kids go in the circle of police its endless. god bless the soul of the poor boy!

Anonymous said...

I do agree.

Amit Shekhar said...

sad but true.