Friday, January 04, 2008

Molesters arrested ,realesed on bail!!

Three days after two young women were molested by a mob on New Year's eve in Mumbai, 14 suspects who were arrested have been granted bail.

After the Mumbai police was criticised for its lax handling of the case, the police as well as the state government swung into action.

The state government ordered a special fast track court for the case and the Deputy Chief Minister asked the Police Commisioner to take very stern action against those arrested, action that would serve as a deterrent for others.

The Deputy CM, who is also the Home Minister made these remarks when he visited the Police Commissioners office for a function.

The comments are significant since the Deputy CM had distanced himself from the Police Commissioners initial remarks on the molestation case where he said ''these things keep happening and the media should not make a mountain out of a mole hill.''

A large group of men had surrounded two NRI women as they came out from the Mariott in the Juhu area of the city.

National outrage followed the incident, which was caught on camera by two photographers working for a newspaper but the police lodged an FIR only after massive public pressure.

As the husband and the brother of the women tried to protect them, 2 photographers working for a newspaper reported the incident.

National outrage followed the report and despite the victims refusing to lodge a complaint after massive public pressure, the police lodged FIR.

But despite the dramatic way in which the suspects were rounded up and presented to the media, it was clear that the police were merely trying to save face.

Three days after two young women were molested on New Year's eve in Mumbai, 14 suspects were arrested and were produced in court.

Mumbai police has also said that there would be an identification parade on Friday.

''We have not caught all the molesters. It is difficult to tell the exact number of suspects. This is a sensational case; ladies have been molested in a crowded place,'' said Mumbai police.

''It is not possible for police to man all points and crossings. Four of the accused have been identified and 13 accused are from Vile Parle, one from Kandivili,'' added the police.

Police claimed that there was never any jurisdiction problem. Neighbours of the main accused had informed the police but all 14 suspects had denied the molestation charge.

The arrests came as a morale-booster after an embarrassing faux pas from their chief 24 hours earlier and public outrage that lasted three days.

But a senior officer and his deputies sent out quite a different message claiming that the police had not let down the people as alleged. (With PTI inputs)

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