Saturday, February 02, 2008

Back to Bombay!!!

Blessed with Challenge...

"Every one must be challenged. A day dawns, quite likeother days; in it a single hour comes, quite like aother hours; but in that day and in that hour thechance of a lifetime faces us."

- Maltbie Davenport Babcock (1858-1901)

I have taken the gauntlet the lure of the metropolice has done the unthinkable to me and my life.

My great beloved city of Dreams here comes your dreamer back in to your arms.
My stint at Ahmedabad is over and i have joined a new company with a new industry,cause i was missing the city and the culture.I am hope ful and confident tat this new stint will be enjoyable and challenging.

Bombay lover is back in Bombay now!!!


Sakhi said...
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Amit Shekhar said...

Thanks i need all your wishes and more.