Sunday, March 23, 2008

Morality for middle class only!!

Read a news piece in TOI today about the legendary writer V S Naipauls way of life and how he admits taunting his wife to death.
This old man kept mistresses and was a regular at brothels!!
He was known the world over as a prolific writer and an astute thinker.Why does he do what he do?why a Salman Rushdi ahs many wives and girls?Why does a Sanjay dutt marry thrice? Why does a settled AAmir khan deserts his wife and kids and marries another.
My question is why are these so called icons of today have this tendency to disobey the normal way of life and being monogamous?
Is it that good manners and the rules and laws apply only to the middle class??
Why creative people lead such a double standard life? Some comments?


Anonymous said...

who defines that monogamy is normal?

Amit Shekhar said...

My friend come out of the closet,who are you.From India??