Friday, March 14, 2008

Scarlett murder in Goa.

The news was a shock,going by the Goan way of living,where people live and let live. Scarlett should have lived her fair share of life,god bless her soul.

What angers me is the utter nonsense her mother is creating,Why in the first place she let the girl on her own.Poor girl had to sleep with hugs to get food and shelter.She had a troubled childhood thanks to her Mom,who ave had as many as 5 boy friends and several kids.The lady made a mockery of her lie as well as the kids.

I condemn the brutal attack on poor Scarlett at the same time hate her mother to leave her child in such peril.


Anonymous said...

who are you to judge the morality of the mother?

Amit Shekhar said...

Dear, its not the judgment of morality.Its my angst against the irresponsible behavior of leaving a minor at a place full with revelers.Would you do that to your kids?

Anonymous said...

I think you can not judge the mother because something happened to her daughter... would there have been a difference if the girl was older? no? exactly