Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Congestion at Mumbai Airport..

Last Night i took a same day return flight to Bom from Delhi with Kingfisher Airlines Flight IT 316 which leaves from Delhi at 21.00.

The scheduled arrival time was 23.00 at Mumbai.Guess what time the flight reached Mumbai??

No its not the handiwork of Kingfisher its the Cramped and medieval services and facility in Indian Aviation,
we circled over Mumbai for almost an hour though the flight has reached spot on time!!!!

Why cant we deserve a fully functional second airport in Mumbai to handle the rush,
What a shameful waste of time Aviation fuel and environment by making a flight revert and do merry go rounds for an hour.
Its a shame and must be corrected ASAP.


On my recent official trip to Jaipur i noticed the warmth of the Rajshthani Culture and how to make ones heritage sell.Through out my trip i was not fleeced or felt cheated people ewre true to there words and appered genuine and warm.

My trip to Chokhi Dhani was amazing in just three hours i soaked in the culture and traditions of Rajasthan.the food was distinct and very rich.I stayed in a heritage hotel which was once a Palace for a king?The high of staying as a Raja can be felt by the historically feudal people.

Jaipur's life style is laid back and royal,people are indebted to the visitors in the city and regard them as priceless assets.When you leave Jaipur you go with a firm resolve I'll come back again!!
Padharo Mahare Desh!!!