Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Current happenings!

The recent surge in crime and criminal activity has racked the media and the society.Special mention of the Grover murder in Mumbai and Arushi-Hemraj double murder in Delhi.
The trauma on children has been reported by many publications.Parents are turning to psychiatrist for help as even slight anger by parents causes mental trauma to child.
Children requesting parents not to kill em !
The insensitive way news is handled by the TV media is gross but profitable for them as it gives more eyeball's.
The Gujjar riot going on in Rajasthan has cost 42 lives already!The political parties can never condemn the hooligans for causing loss to nation cause its Vote bank.If this demand is meet whats the guarantee other communities will not demand the same??

Friday, May 23, 2008

How can they do this??

Kannada film actress and her naval officer boyfriend, arrested for allegedly murdering the creative head of a TV production house and disposing of his body after chopping it to pieces, have been remanded to police custody.

Marrayya Monica Susayraj (27), the actress and her boyfriend of over 18 months, Lt M L Jerome Mathew (25) were produced before the Borovili court on Thursday.

The court remanded the duo to police custody upto May 29. Matthew was brought here from Kochi by the police.

Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Rakesh Maria had on Wednesday said that the murder of 25-year-old Neeraj Grover was fallout of a love triangle.

Grover, creative head of Synergy Adlabs, was missing since May seven.

Marrayya, who has acted in four Kannada films, came to Mumbai in March trying to get into Hindi serials and had also auditioned for the newer version of Mahabharata. She came in contact with Grover while applying for work and both started "going around", to which Matthew had objected, police said.

On May seven, Mathew took a flight out of Kochi where he is based and reached Marrayya's place at 0730 hours the next morning, where Grover was already present. An altercation ensued between Mathew and Grover which ended with the latter being allegedly stabbed to death by the naval officer.

Marrayya went to a nearby mall and made a host of purchases which included a few knives, curtain cloth, bed linen and sports bag. "The couple chopped off the body into pieces, replaced the blood-stained pieces of cloth and packed the body into the bags," Maria had said.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bravo Mumbai Indians.

The Royal Challengers of Bangalore and the Deccan Chargers are pretty much out of this year's DLF Indian Premier League, but they are perfectly capable of spoiling someone else's party.

There are five teams vying for three places in the semi-finals and they will be hoping that the Chargers and the Challengers will continue to play as badly and not cause an upset. The Rajasthan Royals are already in the semis, but they will want to maintain the winning rhythm. What they can do is to try some of the players who haven't played so far or give a bit of a break to some of their bowlers since it is hot and there is every likelihood of them picking an injury in these conditions. So it may make sense for them to be careful with the bowlers and keep them fresh for the semis and beyond.

Gambhir first batsman to amass 500 runs | Top performers

As for the Mumbai Indians, they might have won six consecutive games, but it only becomes tougher for them as they are set to play two of their competitors for a place in the semi-finals after which they have to play the Rajasthan Royals. So they have a hard grind ahead of them, but the manner in which they have responded has been brilliant.

They will no doubt miss the services of Dwayne Bravo, who made such a massive contribution as soon as he joined the team. He lifted the team with his fielding and his energetic batting and bowling, giving the Mumbai Indians options and flexibility. It won’t be easy to fill his shoes, for all-rounders of his class are not easily available in international cricket.

The big plus for them is the return to destructive form of Sanath Jayasuriya. He has batted quite superbly in the last few games and if he gets the team off to a flying start again then the Mumbai Indians can put up a challenging total on board. The bowling of Pollock also has been a big factor as he has not allowed the opposition to get a good start. And don't forget Tendulkar hasn't fired as yet with either bat or ball. So they have a big chance of getting into the semis.

The other teams fighting for a place in the semis are the Chennai Super Kings, the Kings XI Punjab, the Delhi Daredevils and Kolkata Knightriders. They are going to be up against good teams and so will have to be at their best to move ahead. It is their inconsistency that will worry their supporters, for they have some fine players, but not all of them have clicked and they cannot afford to have that going into the final leg of the tournament. Yuvraj needs to replicate his form from the ICC World Twenty20 and while Gambhir has been aggressive and consistency personified, the same cannot be said of his skipper Sehwag, who can demolish any attack but is getting out even before the main course is served. He batted splendidly against the Challengers and could well be getting back to his destructive best.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No Bombay call it Mumbai.

Many would say what's in a name? But ask anyone who has grown up in Mumbai and they will possibly say Mumbai doesn't sit well on the tongue.Bombay is the city they know. But now it seems that Sena is not having any debate over Mumbai or Bombay. It says Mumbai it is.After a long lull, the Sena is back to what according to many it does best - change names.And its present target is its oldest.The Sena has demanded that all remnants of old Bombay be wiped off from schools, institutions and companies.Even the Bombay Scottish school, where Udhav Thackeray's younger son Tejas still studies, was not spared.The school sign was wiped off and the Sena version was stamped over it. Next stop, the barometer of the markets the Bombay Stock Exchange.''These people are sycophants of the British and the East India Company,'' says Abhijeet Phanse of Bharatiya Vidyarthi Sena.And then, arguably one of the city's best known brand recall Bombay Dyeing, whose mills gave thousands of jobs, mostly to Marathi mill workers, was attacked.And the government, as usual, is walking the middle path.''We will take a legal opinion whether or not brand names and names of institutions need to be changed,'' says R R Patil, Deputy CM, Maharashtra.Mumbai is the name of this city. But some of its ageless signposts had so far retained their names and their glory.But if the Sena has its way, the city's symbols will have to be painfully rechristened

Saturday, May 03, 2008


The 27-storey residence of Reliance chief, Mukesh Ambani costing $2 billion will be the most expensive home in the world.Also the Supreme Court on Friday decided not to intervene in the construction of the building on Waqf board land in Mumbai and has directed the matter back to the Bombay high court.The property in question at the court is worth Rs 400 crores and is located on Altamount Road in south Mumbai.The Waqf Board has told the Supreme Court that it sold the property thinking it was to be used for an orphanage and that commercial buildings are not allowed on Waqf land.Earlier, the Bombay High Court had stayed the Waqf Board proceedings.The house will feature a silver stairway, magnificent crystal chandeliers, six floors just for parking, a panoramic view of the city from 550ft above sea level.A separate gym for each family member, four floors of open-air gardens, a 65-seat theater, complete with a wine and snack bar, a spa, a swimming pool, jacuzi and even a personal helipad.If this wasn't enough, there are also plans to make an ice room, where the Ambanis could beat the heat on a hot summers day.This house named Antilia is expected be ready by next year so that the Ambanis can move in from their current 'modest' 22-storey home.