Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Current happenings!

The recent surge in crime and criminal activity has racked the media and the society.Special mention of the Grover murder in Mumbai and Arushi-Hemraj double murder in Delhi.
The trauma on children has been reported by many publications.Parents are turning to psychiatrist for help as even slight anger by parents causes mental trauma to child.
Children requesting parents not to kill em !
The insensitive way news is handled by the TV media is gross but profitable for them as it gives more eyeball's.
The Gujjar riot going on in Rajasthan has cost 42 lives already!The political parties can never condemn the hooligans for causing loss to nation cause its Vote bank.If this demand is meet whats the guarantee other communities will not demand the same??

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how come no posts for soooooooo long. getting rusted?