Saturday, May 03, 2008


The 27-storey residence of Reliance chief, Mukesh Ambani costing $2 billion will be the most expensive home in the world.Also the Supreme Court on Friday decided not to intervene in the construction of the building on Waqf board land in Mumbai and has directed the matter back to the Bombay high court.The property in question at the court is worth Rs 400 crores and is located on Altamount Road in south Mumbai.The Waqf Board has told the Supreme Court that it sold the property thinking it was to be used for an orphanage and that commercial buildings are not allowed on Waqf land.Earlier, the Bombay High Court had stayed the Waqf Board proceedings.The house will feature a silver stairway, magnificent crystal chandeliers, six floors just for parking, a panoramic view of the city from 550ft above sea level.A separate gym for each family member, four floors of open-air gardens, a 65-seat theater, complete with a wine and snack bar, a spa, a swimming pool, jacuzi and even a personal helipad.If this wasn't enough, there are also plans to make an ice room, where the Ambanis could beat the heat on a hot summers day.This house named Antilia is expected be ready by next year so that the Ambanis can move in from their current 'modest' 22-storey home.

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