Sunday, June 08, 2008

Why to Blog?

It was in October 2006 getting inspired by the super girl Abby Lee A la "One track mind"that i started this blog called "Bombay Today".

The experience has been interesting and fulfilling,i have got praise as well as brickbats also.My blog "Indian Thinking" gave me exposure and i was contacted by an Italian magazine called 'JACK".
They asked me to write a short piece on Mumbai as an insider sees it.I did the piece and was informed of its getting published,but the real thing was so good to see when i received my personal copy of JACK via courier.They also paid an honorary amount of Eur 200//.

More than the money part it was the recognition which mattered.

I have written some casual,some serious some boring some hilarious post's,the best is yet to come.
I do take pride inspiring some talented people who crossed my life to share their valuable insights and they obliged.
My other blog Lalu Leela has its own share of fans,the blog got a mention in "THE TIMES OF INDIA".Bombay today got acclaimed in Mid Day,Mumbai.
The love and cooperation of fellow bloggers and readers has always given a high.
For me the biggest kick is when i search my name in Google and see this.
I have not been posting recently due to my professional commitments and lack of connectivity,but i love to write and shall do so routinely,If Aamir and Amitabh Ji can find time to share their view i too can.He he....
And to Aamir and Amitabh ji i can always say i am senior to you as for as Blogging goes!!


Sakhi said...

U didnt find anything else to write, so you praised urself? Kya din aa gaye hai aapke!

j/k :P

TC and keep going!

Alberto L. Beretta said...


I'm very pleased that the Italian magazine, I don't know!, paid you €200 and sent you a copy of the issue with your article on Mumbai as you live and see her.
But what the heck did you grasp of the text?
Is it in English?
Or in italian?
And what does it mean 'Lulu leela'?
So I'll have to bookmark, read, possibly comment three Amitized blogs...!
You give me a lot of work to do ;o)!
I like true Indian food.
Ever eaten truly Italian?