Monday, July 07, 2008


Cancer!! The word itself spells doom. This is the worst that could happen to the human mind. It takes just the knowledge of the fact that you have got a cancer that the whole outlook towards life changes. It was during the routine checkup of my father that a small lesion in the left kidney was found. Thanks to the brilliance of the physician Dr Santosh Pillai from Vasai. My father who is a toughie suddenly became pale and looked weak. Once the Dr declared after the CT scan that we need to see a specialist he grew suspicious and scarred. He started to tell me what he owes and what others owe him? I told hang on papa you are going no where and this is just the start and since we know it so early it can very well be resolved. All these words had very little effect on his mindset. But when I took him to Tata memorial hospital at Parel he saw the vast multitude of people suffering with different cancer and of different degree. What pained him maximum was the suffering of the kids as young as 3-4 years old. The cancer kids are conspicuous by there bald head due to chemo and medication. What doesn’t change is the child in them! I saw a 5 yr old kid who got a report from one of the labs. As soon as he got the paper he went in to a rush to file it in his fat medical file treating it as a mark of achievement!! My heart cried for the suffering the poor kid is going thru, but was happy to see the child in him so energetic and full of life. In evening when my Papa returned home he was a different man. I could see him holding my 5 months old child tightly and longer than usual as to thank god for the gift of good health to our kids! Life is relative all bliss and all sorrow is relative