Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Terror and our response!!

We have become used to the blood and gore on our streets,courtesy the extremist who are hell bent on killing Innocent humans for god knows which dogma.
In my opinion we are the most soft state when it comes to terror and tackling it.
The union home minister believes in looking prim and proper for the photo op rather than providing the courage and direction to the crippled state machinery.
terror is a swift blow by anti nationals the response too needs to be swift?
Our government is not responsible!
Because if i define responsibility: its your ability to  respond?
Our home ministry officials say they are getting experience courtesy blasts?
We common men have been subjected to all sort of weird experiments all ready please spare our lives.
The unsolved terror cases of past are the certificates our security agencies take pride in wearing on their sleeves.
Today when i travel in local trains of Mumbai the common refrain from people is why don't the politicians are killed why the common man?
A Wednesday depicted the common mans anger and what could happen if even a common man decides to fight back.
Our politicians lack the guts to take terror head on cause they will antagonise Muslims.
Its a wrong notion the common god fearing Muslim is not the terrorist its the minority extremist.But Islam has to look into its conscience why majority of terrorist world over are Muslims.This is such a stigma which makes common Muslims feel ashamed.
Frankly when in public places i have stopped to look around and be suspicious of threat,cause its my destiny when ever terror strikes.
Its a surreal feeling which every office goer faces in Mumbai today.
We are counting days,one more day has passed and god willing i am back with my family.Lets see tmrw>>