Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mumbai Tensed!!!

MUmbai is tense and volatile now.There is clear demarcation of Bhhayas and non Bhhayas.
While the Bihari and UPites feel insecure moving around the multitude of migrants feel secure.
Raj thakre has got bail and is resting at his residence.
But he has got an unfinished task of cleaning Mumbai of its migrants.Great work sir!!
Once you are done with cleaning Mumbai of All Bhayiyas think of Gujarati,Parsi,Muslims,Catholics and oh the omnipresent Malyalis the Sheety's and the backbone of your multimillion dollar film industry Punjabies.
How wonderful Mumbai will look if only Marathis are left!!
One step further keep only Kolis in Mumbai after all it was there village??


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Amit Shekhar said...

Whatever that means thanks..