Sunday, November 30, 2008

Patil gone Finally!!Huh!!

Oh what a relief.The people of India were sick and tired of seeing the plastic smile and hollow sorrow of Shivraj Patil.
His resignation cost India many a lives.
Its a shame that he continued so long even after terrible non performance.
I always thought he is good for handling some trivial committee where you don't have life at threat.
In the current congress regime there is lack of leadership.So the post should remain with PM or be given to Sharad Pawar??

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai calm but thinking!!

Mood is sombre and of gloom.The worst is over its time to revisit the dreaded plot to figure out what happened and how it could have been averted.
The eyes were damp and heart heavy to see the cremation ceremony of the martyrs.
I must commend the Indian TV journolist who risked there own life to bring to us the live action.The known faces like Arnab,Sriniwasan,Barkha,Sachin Chaudhry,Deepak and many more did a splendid and tiresome job.
The commitment was exemplary.The ultimate sacrifice of our Armed forces has been witnessed by the entire country and it will not go unnoticed.
The cheap political mileage drawn by politicians is so evident an so nauseating.
The divisive politicians who talked about driving the North Indians away from Mumbai were in there safe home when our commandos were fighting the NSG martyr Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan was from Bihar regiment and from Bangalore so was Gajendra Singh from Uttranchal Dehrahun.
India is united today against terror and will remember this for long time.
The current polls must have witnessed a strong polarisation against the central government and Congress.
The nicely dressed and well maintained Home minister was not to be seen.
He didn't had the guts or credential to visit any targeted site.
The Navy comments and says it did great work by sending the Marcos but what they did when the Speed boats came to Mumbai without check.??
Its time that security agencies did a solid introspection rather than blaming each other??
we pay our taxes and provide the best amenities to our armed forces to safeguard our borders and country.
So in my opinion if a police man dies in call of duty or a armed forces man dies in call of duty its his or her job.Isn't it?
Its good to praise extraordinary bravery but at the same time Indian public pays for all of them so its there duty too...
I may sound harsh but if i work in armed forces i know i owe my life to my country.
The real Armed forces man is ready for the supreme sacrifice any time if not, the terrorist will always win!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai terror update.

In the ongoing operation at Mumbai against the terrorist at TAJ the fight is still on.The media is giving conflicting reports some time one terrorist some times six?
The sad end to Nariman house operation was confirmed with the death of all 5 hostages all Jews.
This is a terrible happening for terror struck Israeli people.Terror struck at them even in foreign location.
The Oberoi saw evacuation of 93 people mostly foreign guest.But the sad killing of 30 hostages was also confirmed who's identity is yet to be ascertained.
Politicians visit and lip service has begun, the terror link, the Pak connection, the Underworld connection as prophesied by me in my anger venting first post.

Mumbai Update..

The ongoing hostage crisis is still on with the media and the security personnel keeping the vigil on.
The spirit of Mumbai is scarred,yesterday most offices and institutions remained shut.
Too many Breaking News adds to the confusion and chaos.
The heart cries for the bereaved families of Taj and Oberoi staff as well as the guest of our city who were on their trip to Mumbai.
The world wide phenomenon called terrorism is here to stay?
The so called Jehadis who spoke to India TV were ready to die for there cause?
But what cause?
This terror act will do what make the majority think of Muslims more sympathetically or will cause more divide?
The killed and wounded are of all religion not Hindus or Jews only?
Its time that a corrective and decisive action be taken by India keeping its allies in confidence and take strong action.
Its high time,How long our adjoining countries will continue to foster the organisation and people who has one point agenda of causing damage to the democratic fabric of India.
The people of Mumbai has maintains patients and peace in this highly polarised time. 

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why it's Mumbai, always??

As a common man i was forced to sleep at 2 AM in Morning while the police fought the terrorist!!
But couldn't sleep..Got up at 5 AM to catch up on the update.
I cried after knowing that ATS chief Hemant Karkare,Encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar and Add DIG Amte faced the bullets while i slept!!
Got lot of calls from friends and family about my own well being.
The biggest farce for me is the news that 200 NSG commandos being called from Delhi?Don't we have them in MUmbai?Why do we pay our taxes Why all NSG is busy saving the politicians when we die each day.Its the softest target the Great Mumbai!!
I was told as a kid that our Navy and Coast guard are the saviours who protect our waters!!
Is this protection?
What is done during the half hourly helicopter surveillance under taken by Coast guards?
I have no questions from the Intelligence community?They are great as they must be busy working overtime on vote shares in the ensuing and forthcoming elections.
I know what fate as a Mumbaikar i have?
1.The NEWS channels will report the terror attack for few days.
2.High profile visits will be undertaken of the site and hospitals?
3.Compensation will be announced for the dead?
4.The home minister will get another great opportunity to show his class and style in dressing?
5.The Pakistani angle will be explored?
6.Underworld links will be established?
7.The investigation will continue?
8.Those who are directly not involves will forget the attack slowly?
9.The spirit of Mumbai will be praised and commended?
All this till the next terror attack???
Then what ??
All this will be repeated again!!
We will continue to get the third grade policing and security.
Yes VIP security will be increased many fold??
Welcome to my India and my home Mumbai.Don't worry till its your turn..

Mumbai terror strike...

Mumbai: In one of the most violent terror attacks on Indian soil, Mumbai came under an unprecedented night attack as terrorists used heavy 
Terror attacks in Mumbai
Dome of Taj hotel in flames in Mumbai after the terror attack (AFP Photo)

machine guns, including AK-47s, and grenades to strike at the city's most high-profile targets -- the hyper-busy CST (formerly VT) rail terminus; the landmark Taj Hotel at the Gateway and the luxury Oberoi Trident at Nariman Point; the domestic airport at Santa Cruz; the Cama and GT hospitals near CST; the Metro Adlabs multiplex and Mazgaon Dockyard -- killing at least 80 and sending more than 900 to hospital, according to latest reports. 

The attacks have taken a tragic toll on the city's top police brass: The high-profile chief of the anti-terror squad Hemant Karkare was killed; Mumbai's additional commissioner of police (east) Ashok Kamte was gunned down outside the Metro; and celebrated encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar was also killed. 

The attacks appeared to be aimed at getting international attention as the terrorists took upto 40 British nationals and other foreigners hostage. The chairman of Hindustan Unilever Harish Manwani and CEO of the company Nitin Paranjpe were among the guests trapped at the Oberoi. All the internal board members of the multinational giant were reported to be holed up in the Oberoi hotel. 

Two terrorists were reported holed up inside the Oberoi Hotel. Fresh firing has been reported at Oberoi and Army has entered the hotel to flush out the terrorists. 

An unknown outfit, Deccan Mujahideen, has sent an email to news organizations claiming that it carried out the Mumbai attacks. 

The Army and Navy in Mumbai were put on alert. 65 Army commandos and 200 NSG commandos were being rushed to Mumbai, Home Minister Shivraj Patil said. 

The Navy commandos too have been asked to assist the police. Special secretary M L Kumawat is in constant touch with the state police. 

Some media reports attributed the attack to Lashkar-e-Taiba. There were also unconfirmed reports that some of the terrorists came in by sea. A boat laden with explosives was recovered later at night off the Gateway of India. 

Well after midnight, sources said two of the terrorists were shot and wounded at Girgaum in south Mumbai. The two were driving in a commandeered silver-coloured Skoda car. Earlier, these men had sprayed bullets from a police Bolero, outside the Metro Adlabs multiplex. 

The attacks occurred at the busiest places. Besides hotels and hospitals, terrorists struck at railway stations, Crawford Market, Wadi Bunder and on the Western Express Highway near the airport. Several of these places are within a one-km radius of the commissioner of police's office. 

"This is definitely a terrorist strike. Seven places have been attacked with automatic weapons and grenades. Terrorists are still holed up in three locations Taj and Oberoi hotels and GT Hospital. Encounters are on at all three places," said Maharashtra DGP A N Roy. 

St George's Hospital and G T Hospital were said to have received 75 bodies and more than 250 injured people, additional municipal commissioner R A Rajeev said. Bombay Hospital got two bodies and 30 injured people were admitted there; Cooper Hospital, Vile Parle, got three dismembered bodies. 

Three of the deaths occurred inside the Taj and one G T Hospital attendant died in a shootout inside the hospital. There were reports of people cowering under tables and chairs at both the Taj as well as G T Hospital. 

Metro Junction resident Manoj Goel said: "My brother, Manish, died in the firing at Colaba's Hamaal Galli." Cops fired back at the men -- probably from one of the Lashkar groups, dressed in black and with backpacks and SRPF, Crime Branch, ATS and teams of military commandos were summoned to the spot. Train services at CST were suspended and all roads leading to and from south Mumbai were blockaded. 

Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh cut short his Kerala visit and was returning to Mumbai. He described the situation in Mumbai as "very serious". 

Deshmukh promised "stringent action" against the assailants but the mood across Mumbai was not so optimistic. 

Friday, November 21, 2008

Too little too late....

The Western railways started 23 new services in Mumbai.If it would have been any other city it would have meant considerable improvement in the  prevailing situation but Mumbai Meri Jan is different??
 What you do of a travel system where 16-17 person /square meter travel during peak hours.
The bone crushing pressure is to be experienced to be believed!!
During those inhuman and painful moments my heart cries out loud,This is the status of the transport system of the financial capital of India??
I also let a silent prayer go for the fellow commuters who die each day in pursuit of going to office and Home!!
Mumbai loses 3500 lives per year due to train accidents,majority due to fall caused during peak hours.
Think of it you are so helpless and fending for your own life that you let the person next to fall from a running train to be killed instantly or maimed for life..Mumbai Ishtyle!!(Hadso ka Seher
Each year the rail minister pases the Rail budget and ignore the plight of commoners dying in pitiful condition.
Government spends and make more flyovers??What about more trains??
When Maneka Gandhi cries against animal brutality i feel envious of the animal!Cause they have a spokesperson we have non.
The rich and influential travel in cars and air its the common man who is forced to travel in a train or crowded bus.
The situation is more so dangerous if one travels from Virar to Borivli.
The politicians who are fighting for trivial issues can take the trains cause in hand and gain a ready made irate customer who will vote for party which brings more trains.
As of now its too little too late...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mumbai's Local talk on economy!!!

They say the great Mumbai local is the kaleidoscope of livid and vivid Mumbai..
During my daily commute on the western track(Chuchgate to Virar) i observe a lot of things,best is the banter and free talk and camaraderie which the fellow hassled commuters share.
Its not surprising to find the reflection of current global meltdown in daily banter.
It all started when Lehman got bust..The joke doing rounds was Lehman has turned into Lemon and sells the same instead of shares and debentures!!!
The job cut initiated by the Citi group has been a cause of concern as its going to affect 52000 families.The hushed tones of share traders and business people is out and loud now.The stories of traders going berserk due to the downturn and suicides by Sensex affected families are abound.
The job cuts are evident as told by a fellow commuter a trading house has reduced its western staff strenght from 62 to 16!!
IDBI home finance western track has 9 sales man as compared to 19 just 3 months back.
The effect is evident in market and more so in malls,,
I wonder where has all the money went in last three months and why its getting worse by the day.
Hiring in most companies is on hold,the flashy biz schools are worried about the placements and job scenario.The real state market is still holding tight..
There is caution in the approach people used to do business earlier its a lack of trust and faith in the system...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Chatth on despite tension in Mumbai.

Police, paramilitary forces and CCTVs kept a close watch over scores of Chhath Puja venues in Mumbai on Tuesday despite Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray's assurance about not disrupting celebrations.

There are 19 main locations around various beach fronts in the city, including the oldest and most popular venue, Juhu beach, where nearly half a million devotees are expected in the evening. The festival is primarily celebrated by people from Bihar.

Chhath Puja will also be held at the historic Banganga Tank, Navy Nagar, Gorai Creek, Bhayander Creek, Thane Creek, Marve Beach, Manori Beach, Madh Island, the beach front in Navi Mumbai and Thane, and the Ulhas river in Thane district.

In an unprecedented step by the state government, Mumbai Police will be aided by the Rapid Action Force and State Reserve Police Force to monitor the law and order situation during celebrations.

Security has been beefed up in view of recent attacks on non-Maharashtrians, particularly those from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, by the MNS. Under fire for the violence, Thackerary has said, he is not opposed to Chhath Puja as long as it is not politicised.

But police are taking no chances.

Additional Police Commissioner (West Region) Archana Tyagi said apart from the 19 main venues in the city and suburbs, police will also be present in strength at all the approach roads.

When asked about possible disruptions, Tyagi said: "We are fully geared for any kind of eventuality and will take appropriate action as warranted by the situation."

Similarly, in Ulhasnagar in neighbouring Thane district, the town’s legislator Suresh Pappu Kalani has deployed 1,000 activists of his Republican Party of India (RPI) to keep a watch on celebrations at the main venue on the banks of Ulhas river, and in the nearby Kalyan-Dombivli towns.

He said his party activists would ensure that north Indians get an opportunity to perform their traditional festival peacefully.

Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam, who initiated public Chhath Puja celebrations in Mumbai in 1998, said the response among people was “tremendous and enthusiastic”.

“We do not foresee any disturbances for a purely religious gathering and we are sure that with police out in large numbers, the celebrations will pass off as usual,” Nirupam said, while supervising the last minute arrangements at Juhu beach.

Incidentally, he started Chhat Puja celebrations in Mumbai in a big way when he was a two-term Shiv Sena Rajya Sabha member, and it was seen as an attempt to woo the north Indian community.

The city administration has advised organisers to play devotional songs instead of blaring out Bollywood numbers during celebrations. They have restricted political parties’ logos or slogans on banners and hoardings at prayer venues.