Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai terror update.

In the ongoing operation at Mumbai against the terrorist at TAJ the fight is still on.The media is giving conflicting reports some time one terrorist some times six?
The sad end to Nariman house operation was confirmed with the death of all 5 hostages all Jews.
This is a terrible happening for terror struck Israeli people.Terror struck at them even in foreign location.
The Oberoi saw evacuation of 93 people mostly foreign guest.But the sad killing of 30 hostages was also confirmed who's identity is yet to be ascertained.
Politicians visit and lip service has begun, the terror link, the Pak connection, the Underworld connection as prophesied by me in my anger venting first post.


Arden Forester said...

How come your blog is called Bombay Today? Are you a Bombayite slowing succumbing to Mumbai-itis?

I've been posting about the current obsession by the BBC and others for us to desist from saying Bombay. Surely everyone can call a city by the name that they know. I've visited Roma, Den Haag, and Munchen, but I don't call them that!

Amit Shekhar said...

Its natural for me to call it Bombay.
And thats how i call it,thanks for your point of view Mr Forster.