Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai Update..

The ongoing hostage crisis is still on with the media and the security personnel keeping the vigil on.
The spirit of Mumbai is scarred,yesterday most offices and institutions remained shut.
Too many Breaking News adds to the confusion and chaos.
The heart cries for the bereaved families of Taj and Oberoi staff as well as the guest of our city who were on their trip to Mumbai.
The world wide phenomenon called terrorism is here to stay?
The so called Jehadis who spoke to India TV were ready to die for there cause?
But what cause?
This terror act will do what make the majority think of Muslims more sympathetically or will cause more divide?
The killed and wounded are of all religion not Hindus or Jews only?
Its time that a corrective and decisive action be taken by India keeping its allies in confidence and take strong action.
Its high time,How long our adjoining countries will continue to foster the organisation and people who has one point agenda of causing damage to the democratic fabric of India.
The people of Mumbai has maintains patients and peace in this highly polarised time. 

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