Friday, November 21, 2008

Too little too late....

The Western railways started 23 new services in Mumbai.If it would have been any other city it would have meant considerable improvement in the  prevailing situation but Mumbai Meri Jan is different??
 What you do of a travel system where 16-17 person /square meter travel during peak hours.
The bone crushing pressure is to be experienced to be believed!!
During those inhuman and painful moments my heart cries out loud,This is the status of the transport system of the financial capital of India??
I also let a silent prayer go for the fellow commuters who die each day in pursuit of going to office and Home!!
Mumbai loses 3500 lives per year due to train accidents,majority due to fall caused during peak hours.
Think of it you are so helpless and fending for your own life that you let the person next to fall from a running train to be killed instantly or maimed for life..Mumbai Ishtyle!!(Hadso ka Seher
Each year the rail minister pases the Rail budget and ignore the plight of commoners dying in pitiful condition.
Government spends and make more flyovers??What about more trains??
When Maneka Gandhi cries against animal brutality i feel envious of the animal!Cause they have a spokesperson we have non.
The rich and influential travel in cars and air its the common man who is forced to travel in a train or crowded bus.
The situation is more so dangerous if one travels from Virar to Borivli.
The politicians who are fighting for trivial issues can take the trains cause in hand and gain a ready made irate customer who will vote for party which brings more trains.
As of now its too little too late...

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