Friday, December 26, 2008

A month after Terror hit Mumbai..

After 30 days of the carnage at Taj,CST,Oberoi and CAMA Mumbai is getting back to being its own self,but somethings will never be the same again.

The famous open New year gathering outside the Taj at the Gateway will have fewer people.

The will and conscience of Mumbaikars will force them to have a subdued new year bash.

Many will skip the entire ritual for good.

180 affected families will never forget the date 26/11 as it changed and scarred there life forever.

The Mumbai janta will miss the heroism of Salaskar the upstanding Karkare and the youthful Kamte.

Back at Kerala Uniikrishnans parents will be alone and a gloomy future ahead devoid of there son.
As of now..
Poor kid Moshe from Nariman house is back in Mumbai with his grand parents to pay tributes to his slain parents without comprehending the fuss around it.

The dance and singing at the Gateway last night by the Jews was a slap on the face of terrorism and a wonderful memo of the resilient and steadfast Jew community who knows terror more than any other community.

The decision of resurrecting the Nariman House or buying another property in Mumbai by the Jews is a wonderful gesture of humanity.
At the same time..

The brave staff of Taj and Oberoi will work hard to please the guests but the loss of there colleagues and guest in those dreaded days will be on top of there minds.

What never changes is the rush hour crowds at Churchgate, Dadar,Andheri,Dombivli,CST et el.

Mumbai is looking like a city on guard as one can see a lot of police and armed security at most public places...

We are learning to getting back to what we are "The famed Mumbaikar" with a paramount work ethic and enjoying the life at its fullest..

May god bless Mumbai and India in its fight against terrorism and organised crime...Amen

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