Monday, December 01, 2008

Mumbai now..

Returned to work after a forced leave of 4 days.There is a desperation around the people look shaken and jolted.Every street corner has put a notice or poster of the three Martyrs from Mumbai police.
The Mumbai local train talk veered around terror and how ineffective our Government and security apparatus is.
M J Akbar wrote an article in TOI Sunday about the smuggling of drugs and contra band goods from Pak to India via Karachi to Mumbai.How this network is managed by the mafia and underworld in conjunction with coast guard and local politicians!!
He questioned the elite who snuff the precious heroin and LSD knowing very well that its originated from Pak and reached by illegal root?
Some points to ponder!!


Anonymous said...

I hope that the Indian people know that whatever Reverend Jeremiah Wright says it doesn't represent the views of all of America. Lots of us in America see Jeremiah Wright as a source of shame and view him with contempt.

I don't feel that this is a case of India's chickens coming home to roost. Lots of us in America would be appalled at hearing Reverend Jeremiah Wright say "God Damn India".

It really concerns me that such a low life is so close to our President-elect.

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