Thursday, December 18, 2008

Muslims in Mumbai.

Post the attacks on Mumbai Bakri id passed where the Muslim brethren were subdued and the fair was less than ostentatious.
The prominence of jihad and muslim terror plays havoc with law abiding Muslims.The propensity of Muslims involved in terror acts worldwide add salt to injury.
Some of my Muslim friends feel obliged to prove there credentials as an Indian every time there is a terror act.
The collective wisdom of the Maulavi and ulema needs to emphasize the importance of education and healthy living to all.
If i take the example of Muslim ghettos in Mumbai like Meera road ,Nagpada,Mumbra and Kalwa,
These areas are synonymous with bad drainage ,ill planned buildings and illegal construction.
Majority of terrorist find there safe heaven in these areas.
Most banks don't issue credit cards and home loans in these areas??
In my personal experience the well educated Muslims are better off and think like the majority.But where the education is less its a dark world..
I ask myself often why all tailors,bandwala,garage mechanic and people doing menial job are mostly Muslims??
Why doesn't the Muslims of India produce a leader of national calibre?
Why the chancellor of the Aligarh university has to defend the so called terrorist?
The politicians will not give any answers for these as the answer will imbalance the vote bank politics.
But the Muslim community must think and ask themselves how long they will blame all and the sundry for there wows?  

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