Monday, January 12, 2009

Great news for corporate India.

When Raju brothers slept in the jail at Chanchalguda at Hyderabad, Government of India appointed a high power independent board to ensure the revival and salvage of Satyam.
This move will give some respite to Satyam investors.

The Satyam story needs to be looked in Totality,

just a month before all was fine with the company according to the auditors,Banks and statuary authorities.

How all this suddenly changed?

Aint all mentioned above equally to blame?

What about the corporate excellence award given to Satyam some time back?

When Indian corporate fights to answer this Enron like scandal there goes a stalwart of India in to troubled land of Sri Lanka and starts its Telecoms services?

Yes,Its Airtel which has launched 2.5 G and 3 G services in Sri Lanka from today.
I have all ways advocated the cross functioning and  sharing of wealth and knowledge in SAARC countries to be the best peace plan.
Now instead of the government its India's number one Mobile company doing the good work.
All the best Airtel and kudos to Corporate India for being Brave..

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