Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Satyam not at all Sundaram!!

What do you call a company which causes a loss of 10,000 crores for its investors in a day?
A CEO who accepts that he messed up the accounts and tried to divert the legitimate money of investors in to his privately owned company?
A company which gets banned by world bank for theft of information and bribing.
A company started by a farmer but ruined by sons?
A company which had ADR and listed on NYSE?
India's fourth largest software exporter?
Answer is Satyam but not sundaram!!
So much for corporate governance?
So much for audits?
So much for integrity?
The average man on Dalal street who believes in the dreams of small entrepreneur will think twice before investing In any new start up.
Very bad day for corporate India.I am afraid are there many more such Satyams hiding under the disguise of people friendly companies??

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