Saturday, January 31, 2009

Slum tourism after Slumdog millionaire..

With the success of Slumdog Millionaire, the curiosity about Mumbai's slums, particularly Dharavi - Asia's biggest slum has greatly increased.

Krishna Pujari, a tour operator from Reality Tours fields dozens of questions about the movie and life in Mumbai's slums, as he takes interested tourists on slum trips.

"People ask us was the film shot here in Dharavi. We show them the spots where some of the scenes were shot. Some of the people do come after watching the film," he said.

"I watched the film and was excited to come on this tour. It's nice to watch it again now after seeing the real life story," said American tourist, Emeris.

Many tourists visit the slum and are surprised at what they see.

"There's so much positive stuff happening, the industries. I don't think that's reflected in the film," said Dutch tourist, Emeris.

"The poverty was shown in the film. But there were so many other different aspects that we saw after we came here," he added.

Slum tourism, though targeted at foreign tourists, is fast catching on with ordinary Mumbaikars too.

"After watching the movie I would wish to visit Dharavi because the way it is potraid in the movie one feels visiting Dharavi," said a resident of Mumbai, Mitisha.

"We pass by but we really don't know how it would be to live there, so it would be interesting to actually go and have a look inside and spend some time there," sais another Mumbai resident, Hari.

Danny Boyle gave us a peek into Mumbai's slums with Slumdog Millionaire, but to get a real experience of what life in Dharavi is like one can take a slum tour.

And with the resounding success of the film abroad and the buzz in India, the slum tourism industry is expected to reap the benefits.

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