Saturday, March 14, 2009

Techie father kills 4day old daughter!!

When you read something like this early in the morning the whole day mind keeps on reminding of it.
What will be state of the mother?
How could someone be so cruel to his child?
Why so many software professionals are involved in heinous crime?
Is this the effect of being in a phony world?
What happened to there upbringing?

The pros of silicon valley have hearts of silicon?...

Friday, March 06, 2009

Mumbai now..

Its just the start of March and it feels like June?
Is the global warming phenomenon coming to reality sooner than we thought??
Visited Jodhpur last week,there is not much difference in heat.Yes humidity is the only variable.
Mumbai after the 26/11 is not the same.There is a cautious approach towards life.
The attack on Srilankan cricket team at Lahore was scary,just an hour drive from Amritsar?
The aftereffects will be seen in many years.
For once terrorist have ensured death of international cricket in Pakistan.
The after effects have pushed the IPL 2 dates forward.
Many IPL players from outside India are showing concerns and apprehension of coming to INDIA?
Lest see how it develops...