Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mumbai for polls.

Mumbai goes to poll tomorrow.The outcome shall be interesting as there are no favorites and there is no so called Wave in favor of any one.
Surprisingly the local issues are taking precedence over the big security and terror Planck.
The city of Mumbai fights for its rightful place in the comity of big cities to get the basic amenities like potable drinking water and uninterrupted power supply!
The most basic of facility like travel is in pathetic state as more and more funds are pumped into airport modernization and making flyovers where as majority of Mumbaikars travel by a 100 years old technology of local trains.
I am sure no local leader will take a fast local from Virar of Dombivli!!
The common janta is bound to suffer as very few politicians have voiced concern about the train travel standards in Mumbai.
During peak times the Human density is 17/square meters!!
The story of the sabotage to the chopper of Mr Anil Ambani was scary but now its becoming murky!The main mechanic who found the pebbles and sand in the tank of chopper aws found dead on railway tracks at Vile parle with a note for crime branch?
Now was it a corporate rivalry like in films or a case of some vagabond trying cheap stunts.
Anil Ambani must be feeling the heat. 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mumbai Indians win..

The opening header was won by the Mumbai Indians...
The soap opera season is over for now..
The elction news will take the second seat...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Google maps street view??

Technology is a fast running horse,one need to keep pace with it or you are outdated.

I was using Google Maps,Google Earth,Map my India and many such innovative products.Wikimapia and wikipedia has been a regular spot to visit.

The most appealing piece of technology i found recently is the street view in Google Maps!!
Its so amazing to check out the streets of London!

The images are updated by a moving van time to time.

The usage is cool for one and all,you can check your home from any where in the world!
Do try....