Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mumbai now!!

Six months after 26/11 there is little that has changed in Mumbai as far as security is concerned.

The high security area like airport saw a heist of Gold coins and silver coins in broad day light.

The quantum of the robbery is conflicted as quoted as 35 Lacs to 55 Lacs from some gold coins to 145kg?
Its only time when some terrorist decides to drive with Car full of explosive and demolishes the airport?
The technological surveillance at prime spots need to be increased.One off duty policeman tried to stop the fleeting car but was run over by the robbers.

Last fortnight the daughter of Deepak Tijori was abducted and forced to unnatural sex by a youth who was caught after second rape in a week?
The corrupt and shoddy guest houses and Lodge in and around Malvani and Aksa beach are known as heaven for prostitution.
Think of it how can a hotel allow a 13 year kid to be sharing a room for an hour with an adult?
The locals of these area are used to the easy money so they don't object to such heinous crime done in there area.
There is lot of boozing done and its not considered safe to venture into these areas once the night falls.
Such is the Police work that it took the forced abduction of another kid and rape that the offender was caught in the same vicinity?
The bank robbery and jewellery shop heist are becoming a routine thing?
The citizens in these areas need to protest the wrong or else its becomes routine.


Anonymous said...

Siddarth Kara, in his book about human trafficking, recounts his experiences with prostitutes, pimps, and police in India. By his account, it is hard to distinguish the behavior of the police from the common criminals. He says they are utterly corrupt.

If that is so, then India is in deep trouble indeed.

Amit Shekhar said...

True,the common police man has no value or the pride for his job!Its a money making grind for them.How can we expect honesty from a police man when he has paid bribe to be where he is today??The post's are sold to the highest bidder.