Wednesday, May 27, 2009

TV has changed!

The Idiot box is idiot no more cause its now got a companion which is smart and digital?
The time of terrestrial and cable TV is gone now is the time of Direct TV.

The monotony and lack of control over what to get and what not in terms of channels is over as today its the consumer decides which channels should be the part of once bouquet?

In not so recent past the packages and channels available were decided by the local cable operator and often the choices were limited.Not so any more because the revolution called DirectTv gives the control in the users hand.

One major differentiators for satellite TV is the DirecTv service.The assurance of a 24*7 customer service is some thing which is wanting in most cable services?
The service which will excite the tech enthusiast is the availability of features like HD TV and the DVR .Today the best sporting action and entertainment is shifting to Direct TV Service.
So no matter even if the power is out if you have backup you can enjoy TV as its not dependent on the local power supply!!


Anonymous said...

DirecTV's clearly dominates the competition. They just added 1080p capabilities for all their new "DirecTV Cinema" offerings, and as the owner of a brand new 1080p TV, I'm thankful for this.

I am curious to see what the new 'branding' of their PPV system as "DirecTV Cinema" means to consumers, but I'm hopeful because DTV has always done me good in the past. For instance, in the latest ad for DTV Cinema, they not only offered up a bunch of good movies for a better price than my friend's cable in-demand, but the ad also featured one of my favorite songs, "Electromagnetic Superstar" by Jet Stream. It's little touches like this and attention to detail that make DTV a better option. There's a video clip of this ad at :

Anonymous said...

cable is the best..