Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mumbai be warned of Floods on 24Th July 2009??

Mumbaikar's cant forget two dates easily!

26Th July and 26 November!!

One when Mumbai was inundated with worst rain and subsequent flooding resulting in the loss of crores of Rs and irreparable loss of more than 1000 life's.
On 26Th November 2008 a flood terror hit Mumbai!

The closeness of the date with 26Th July 2005 is eeary and frightful.
The local administration needs to educate the people about the impending disaster and prepare to take it head on.

The 26Th Nov terror attack trail is on in Mumbai at a slow pace.
The fallout for police has come too late?
The Police has been rapped by HC in Nimbalkar murder case for its sloppy handling.
This is a case when the murdered person was a influential politician,what the police must have done if he was a commoner?
The NCP MP Padam singh has been declared the main accused ,NCP has washed its hands from Padam?
The continuing trial and the investigation brings more filth by the day.I wonder at the timing of the case just before the assembly polls?
Are the big bosses at Delhi has had enough of the Pawar camp and decided to cut him and his party to size before elections?
The innocent and upright ex home minister has given the clean chit to the accused ?
Its like the recent statement by BMC that there is no need to worry about the H1N1 virus??According to them it will not survive in the heat and moisture of Mumbai?
Hard to believe from the BMC which has failed to contain the spread of Malaria and Gastroenteritis year after year!!
But yeh Mumbai hai meri jan!!


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