Friday, July 24, 2009

High tide and Ganesha in Mumbai.

How many times the weather man's prediction been right?
Today was termed as a potential disaster day in Mumbai with tide hitting 100yrs high?
The anticipation of high tide with heavy rain seemed a disaster recipe and many tried hand at the half cooked attempt.
Yes we enjoyed the spectre of high tide but for rain it was a day off.
The erratic pattern of rain has become a cause of concern for the country as it has the potential to halt the GDP growth.
The city of Mumbai is getting ready to welcome the favorite deity Gan-
apati or Ganesh the elephant headed Hindu god.
The artisan working in the clay statue are a treat to watch.The concentration and the love for perfection seen in there hand work is amazing.
The traditional Marathi homes in and around Mumbai will bring the loved Ganesha to there home for 1,5 or 10 days.Apart from the private ceremony there are public celebration in most locality where the community donates and huge canopy is raised to mimic theme popular in recent times.
The participation in Ganapati celebration is not restricted to religion as all worship the deity for his remarkable power of granting ones wishes.
Such strong is the faith of the Mumbaikars on Ganapati that the Siddhivinayak temple is crowded on most days.But the best display of faith is on Tuesday the day of Ganesha.
Its the binding faith of people from all sects that moves this chaotic and disorganised city.
To one from outside its a filthy city to ones living here its addictive.Welcome to Mumbai...

Thursday, July 16, 2009


All that glitters is not "GOLD".
As good as "GOLD".
"GOLD standard".
The yellow metal.
Some phrases which capture the essence and value of the most loved and precious metal.
What is it in Gold that makes one aspire to own more?
The mythical Lanka in Ramayan was made of Gold as per text?The yellow metal has retained its charm and allure in last 5000 years.
When markets are down and sentiments are low the avid investors buy GOLD.
With the refinement in production and manufacturing one gets GOLD as pure as 99.9999%.
Came across a legitimate and authentic source of GOLD coins online.
I liked the concept of buying the government certified Gold coins or Gold bullion from the comfort of your home or work.
The assurance is backed by the remarkable openness about what to expect and what not from Gold coins.
I was surprised to note that the biggest buyers of Gold are Indians.India imports 400Tonnes of Gold each year!!It makes strong business sense to buy gold bullion to protect ones portfolio from the economic turmoils.
If a nation promotes the consumption of Gold,its to safeguard the future of coming generations.
Gold has remained the favorite of conservative Hindu families in India and as a custom the girl is sent to the groom with Gold jewellery as per the socioeconomic status.
The same GOLD helps the girl tide over any crisis she faces in her life.Majority of women pass the same ancestral Gold to the next generation.
So in recessionary times it makes sense to buy GOLD coin.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rains in Mumbai..

Normal life was thrown out of gear in the city on Tuesday due to heavy overnight rains that led to severe water logging in many parts and badly disrupted road, rail and air traffic.
The heavy down pour accompanied by gusty winds since last evening led to traffic snarls at various places.
Suburban trains were also running late by 30-45 minutes due to waterlogging on the tracks. Central railways was running 30 to 45 minutes late while Harbour line and Western lines are running 10 to 15 minutes, the railways said.
Several low lying areas including King's circle, Sion, Andheri Milan subway, Hind Mata were inundated and traffic police said the movement on western and eastern highways were affected badly.
According to Mumbai International Airport Limited, visibility at the airport has been reduced to 800 ft. Incoming flights were delayed by 15 minutes while the departure of the flights was more or less on time.
The rainfall recorded till 5.30 am was 93.4 mm at Colaba in south Mumbai and 125.6 mm at Santa Cruz in western suburbs.
Water logging was also reported at Wadala truck terminus, Maratha Mandir, Khar-Andheri subways, Deonar colonies and some parts of Govandi. Several trees were also uprooted due to strong winds in the city.
The weather bureau said frequent spells of heavy to very heavy rains with strong winds will continue.

Sunday, July 05, 2009


They say the scars of time is filled by time!!
On my visit to the Heart of Mumbai i found the life back to normal but with a change?
The question in the eyes of Police and security?Who in the crowd could be the next terrorist?
The Taj stood valiantly as if declaring that i may be hurt but my soul has survived.Cant forget the vivid images of the beloved monument of Mumbai being burnt by the attackers.

The damage done will be wiped in few more days.But they who lost there family in the mayhem shall never forget or forgive.

The Gateway pulls a lot of visitors daily and the elan is intact with which it exemplifies the open spirit of Mumbai.
In my personal opinion the Mumbai i have seen in last 10 yrs has changed slowly from being a warm and open civilization to a divided and polarized city.