Friday, August 14, 2009

Mumbai shutdown!!

The maximum city is facing a maximum slowdown?
The H1 N1 has taken its toll on the speed of the fast paced Mumbai.Result all schools and colleges closed for next seven days in Mumbai,Navi Mumbai and Thane district.
The average Mumbaikar is braving the threat daily by commuting in the packed local trains.
The response of the administration has been better in Mumbai as compared to Pune.
I recall how one of the officials had proclaimed a month back that there will be no swine flu in Mumbai as the climate is not favourable to the Virus??
In our office we had people who had travelled from Pune and came to office the next day without any screening done?
The closed and recirculated air of the centrally conditioned office is conducive to the growth of any infectious organism if cleaning is not timely and proper.
My personal bravado against the swine flu was foolish as i discovered a sore throat and running nose just going to office by local first class.
So i am at home trying to recover from the flu which hopefully is not swine?
The masks are in short supply and are selling fro Rs 25 /piece.The Nilgiri ka tel sms is circulating in the air and the stocks of the fragrant oil is down.
The severity of the grim situation dwells on you when you find your next door chemist and his all staff wearing a mask?
Its a good publicity for the product and a chilling reminder to you,follow the silent dictate or get the flu??
My own personal googling and wiking has reveled that its the basic personal hygiene and being well hydrated that's the key to be healthy in the virulent times.
A vit c chew tab can improve your chances of fighting the cold.
The city of Mumbai will forgo its chances of watching the release of Kaminey the maverick director Vishal Bhardwaj's flick due to closure of all theaters for next three days.
This shutdown is historic and unprecedented as we shall miss the famous Dahi handi festival.
I pray and hope that this shut down helps contain the spread of virus and Mumbai emerges victorious..

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