Saturday, August 22, 2009

Old world charm of Mumbai.

My work recently took me in to the business hub of Mumbai,Nariman Point,Cuffe parade and Colaba.It was a trip after 2 years or more.
There was a time when i use to commute daily to the southern most part of the city daily for work.

The hiatus was a welcome change.

The area reminded me of my earlier visits and the work.I noticed the new more aware part of me mainly due to travel to different destination in last two years on work.I was more appreciative and less sceptical.The old world buildings of Opera house looked enticing and psychedelic.

I went to the HQ of SBI,Union bank of India and IDBI bank.

Most impressive security was at the State bank of India HQ where vehicles were screened and visitors image captured by web cam to release a visitor pass with photograph on it.

Before the entry to the building the bag was screened under Xray view similar to airport.

The entree inside was through a digital gate,since i was a visitor i could not enter inside without the guards help.

My ride to the 18th floor was unobstructed.I guess going to meet CMD of SBI gives a short of reverence to the visitor but the security should not be intimated cause of the visitors profile.

The grandness of the office of CMD's was a treat to the eye.

The IDBI tower at the WTC cuffe parade has the CMD office on the 24th floor.The view from the room was awesome the hight makes it a vantage point on top of the queen's necklace.

I couldn't help but compliment the CMD's assistant about the fabulous view,for him it was OK as he See's it daily!!

Posting some pics from the visit with tag's.

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