Friday, September 04, 2009

Mumbai Local Trains.

Where else in world its OK to accept a casualty rate of 10 human being per day due to fall from trains??
Where else the trains get delayed because in a span of an hour 7 dead due to train related accidents?
Yes its common and a Way of life for a typical Mumbaikar,as and sex no bar?
Cause its out of fashion and un machismo to use the foot over bridge to cross track.They say in Mumbai every one i in a hurry?So when a fellow commuter falls due to push and shove from local train its normal.Some words of kindness about the victim being out of luck or fool or not strong enough to hold on!
Some one from the crowd will call the helpline or the next train driver will alert the station master who will get the victim picked up by next train or Hamal's(Body picker's employed by Railways) using metal sheet stretcher.
If the victim is alive an ambulance is called and the victim sent to the Gov hospital near by.
In most cases its head injury and the rate of survival is abysmal.
Even if the victim survives its with severe impairment like feet or hand amputated.
So Hundreds of thousands witness the bloody trail or are aware of the impending danger so why no precaution??
Personally according to me its the shere disregard to the value of Human life?A gift of God wasted in crossing the rail track to reach on time?
If all individuals practice no tress passing tracks policy it will half the rate of deaths per day.
In a recent drive by WR to check tress passing people caught and fined were from all layers of society.
From Young to old from rich to poor from educated to non educated?
I was surprised to note a school principal caught trespassing?
The lame duck excuse of the commuters caught are that the bridge is on either side and too far?
The reason people fall off from local trains is over crowding on which the janta has no control except fro some hooligan's who trap and occupy the door.
The herd behavior of reserving seat and place for group by inconveniencing others is common.If a new commuter takes on the hooligan group he is thrashed and some time shoved from running train.
How ever these cases are limited and not common.
The overcrowding of train is a demand and supply problem where the Railways has not matched the requirement of timely increase in capacity.
While thousands of crore are invested in the road infrastructure local trains are seldom considered.The way of transport of majority white collar taxpayer is local train but his money is spent on fly over and sea links.
Its for this reason that any tourist in Mumbai is advised not ot take local trains,compare this with Delhi and Kolkata where people take their guest with pride to show Metro?
The chalta hai attitude of normal Mumbaikar is one big problem,similarly its the disconnect of the political class from the real problems of the common man or else the government would have spent the 400 crore on rail infra rather than a statue in the sea??