Sunday, October 04, 2009

Bigg Boss and Big B.

Do you remember the mass hysteria around the KBC season 1.How the roads wore the deserted look as the Big B quizzed the nation and contestants inched closer to a sum of 1 Crore!!

The season 2 was popular too but not as much as the first one.

Big B had played a big bet and won handsomely as he came out of the jinxed phase of his career and cleared all the debts accrued due to the failing ABCL..

That was the start of the reality TV genre in India.Post KBC we have been dished some good and some horrible shows in the name of reality TV.

I virtually lost track of reality TV after NDTV Imagine did an un imaginable show called Rakhi ka swayamvar?This eroded the respectability for NDTV India news channel by showing updates from the soap as the public refused to watch the garish cheap romance on imagine.I silently switched over to Times Now.

But now its the Big B who is coaxing me to give the reality genre some consideration again.Amit ji is playing the Pop psychologist who will elaborate and analyze the un predictable behavior of the contestants.

The set has been put up at Lonawala Mumbais own hill station.Endemol has taken all the precaution to ensure that all the possible activities are captured by the 40 cameras.

Who is going to be inside this season is a big debate and a lots of speculation..the list changes every few hours...

Shamita shetty,Sherlyn Chopra,Ismail Darbar,Kamal Khan,Rakhi the Sawants mother,Tanazz and Bakhtyar,Punit Issar,Poonam Dhillon..

The channel is said to have approached Baba Ramdev to be an inmate..

Awaiting for tonight to see who is inside and how Big B looks in this new role...

Tune in to Colors Chanel at 9 pm IST...

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