Sunday, March 21, 2010

Maximum City maximum anger!!

Whats your fault when you are killed by a so called high profile retired Government servant at a tender age of 14!!
Moraliya is one such example of high handed human being who thinks he has the right to abuse all including the system which created him!!d
I shudder in disbelief at what Moraliya would have done to his subordinates and innocent victims of him during his service with the Customs dept??
We all witness so called high profile individuals throwing their weight and stature at poor unsuspecting souls who out of awe and embarrassment do not complaint!
Recently during my annual trip to my in laws place i meet one such frustrated high school teacher!!
This old man was set to prove all wrong,like he wud ask questions to kids on difficult concepts never listen to their replies but declare them failures in life??
Next he will humiliate the parents of the kid with same question!!I had enough of this in an hour i asked him to come with me to a corner,once there i asked him about How Geosynchronous satellites function and whats the diff between an weather satellite and GSLV??
This was just to stump him as expected he blurted how am i supposed to be knowing this!!
I told him he is careless and a failure in life not knowing all this and i am sure his long dead parents will be ashamed of him!!
The wisdom dawned on the so called intellectual who took delight in declaring others a fool.
leaving him speechless i walked away!!
Last heard his tantrums are less but not cured...he still rejoices in declaring others a failure...guess what he would have done to the students under him in his long tenure as a teacher??


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