Sunday, July 25, 2010


So sorry for being out of sight and out of mind hit a road block...a mental one...

But if a Big B can be regular despite his grueling schedule and age..guess its all about discipline!!
I did some thing good today held a silence vow for 9hrs.Not a single word spoken..the basic communication was through signs or scribbled words??
Best part was that the kids started responding to me in sign??I asked her by writing If you could speak why hush hush??
Guess thats what is conditioning all about..
So you had a silent husband and a pleading wife..who thought its because of her ranting that the silent marathon has begun??

But it was so good..felt as if a lot of energy is wasted in shouting yelling and telling???
So the learning is to do the silent period again and again as its one of the ways to master self restraint...the Gandhian way??
As for the post...shall post some thing daily from now on...Love and peace to all...