Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Consumer attention span on decline!!

We are seeing a worldwide phenomenon which is the Friday syndrome!!Mumbai releases its movies on Fridays also called the Box office day...and in Mumbai parlance each Friday brings a new star...what happens to the earlier ones??Well they are easily forgotten...sounds familiar and rings a bell if you are in marketing function.
Catching the attention and retaining the mind share is the two basic premises of sales.

Recently i started to attend many Industry shows which showcase the existing and future range of product line. Today very rarely one finds a niche where one is the single it brings in to equation the Catching attention and retaining mind share concept. So if you are a Brand manager or in marketing i suggest you think of tradeshow giveaways as a gentle but constant reminder for your clients.

Whats important is to be subtle and not go over the top. Something which the customer is to carry daily or touch and feel daily is a good way to start...Key rings which are customized to water bottles which add hip to gyming...the ideas could be many and innovation can be brought in.

Today's smart marketers are subtly targeting the kids as they influence the purchase decision a lot but how ethical is it for your product and industry is a call one needs to take thinking of own kids....Happy retaining and innovating...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thanks Mumbai Police!!

The section of society we remember only when things go wrong are definitely the Police....
Now that the Mumbai police has undertaken and delivered a trouble free Ganeshotsav and is looking forward to a peaceful Diwali,its time we recognised and congratulated them on a good job done.
Not undermining the one of cases of a policeman getting caught taking bribe almost daily.....

I do appreciate the good work done by Delhi police in the recovery of RDX from Ambala, which would have caused disaster at Delhi during Diwali crowds.These stories needs to be told and highlighted...
Like society our machinery is also diverse, some are honest, some are grey and some are black and happy about it with impunity. 
So how do these dishonest individuals build around a shameless sense of impunity around them?? Once i confronted a shameless creature at Tata Hospital who was an attendant to a patient, he was denying seat to a cancer patient against the normal courtesy or the rule.
The best part is he was blatantly shameless about it and unwilling to budge....he was a Railways employee...
So is it the upbringing or the value system one inherits....what goes on in developing Character??
What impact the hurly burly and super competitive Mumbai life has on the values and ethos of an individual???

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dev Anand-Legend lost!!

There are some greats who were great because they good things in heydays and there are greats who doa very shabby job at 87 yers age and get applauded.
The legend of Dev Anand lives on..Born in 1923 and an iconic youth model who gave Indian Cinema gems like, Guide Hum dono and many more...
Sadly his contribution to Indian Cinema in last 2 decades that i have seen has been crap!!The legendary actor lives in his own imaginary world and makes and acts in films which are beyond c class. Why this deterioration..who are the people who advise him...Why these once sensible actor starts believing in filthy trash of celluloid and calls it Cinema???
I fail to understand....
Remember similar incidence of Rajesh Khanna coming out of the oblivion and acting in a sleazy movie doing sex scenes which looked disgusting to say the least...
On the other hand one got Rishi Kapoor and Big B who still seems to know who they are and what they represent in life...sorted and grounded,,,,
Take a look at Charge sheet first look...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Strikes and Murders!!

Mumbai is a city of chaos..and more you travel the more chaotic it becomes. Some days back the Andheri RTO walke up and decided to check the rampant tempering of the Autoricksaws meters by drivers.
Afraid of being caught of the wrong doing the rick walas decided to call it a strike and stopped to ferry passengers!!
Now was it anger on authority or public??But the common public pays as one can notice the crowd outside stations..One of my friend came up with the logic that this strike is to vent anger towards the traffic and RTO authority cause it was they who took bribes and allowed the tampering to happen. Now they are going back on their promise of saving the interest of the tamperer autowalas??
The strike by the civic body staff added to the cheos as garbage started piling on the streets...the Mumbai moisture and humidity is so conducive to the rafting stench..anyone crossing a fish market or the Khari can vouch for the stench carrying capacity of Mumbai air.
One of my most dreaded experiance of coming out of the sterile Airtel office at Interface Malad and hit by the hot and humid air of the sea..which smells like dead fish!!Don't know how the Vegan populace deals with the ever strong stench of Mumbai!!
Mean while the city of Mumbai continue to witness killing of elderly women by the people one trusted.The latest murder was by the Grandson and his juvenile friends??Why -they just wanted the bike dad said no to!!
As in most cases the murder was solved thanks to the mobile phone tracking!!
Many still lie about their whereabouts forgetting the most common corroborating device the Cell!!Just one print out and all your privacy of where have you been is in front of the cops!!
So those who get inspired by the dirty crime shows and plan a shabby murder..learn to dump your mobile first...
And as for my darling Mumbai..a couple of strikes and stench its all taken in its sultry stride!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ganpati Bappa and Security!

The resident god of Mumbai "The Ganesha" is on his yearly visit. This means a slew of Pandals and Puja canopies across the city..the locals organize and operate the festival, whose budgets cross millions of ruppees.

 Mumbai loves its Ganesha and thus huge lines can be seen outside the intricately and royally decorated tents.
However the challenge it brings to the establishment is enormous..the role of Mumbai Police and the local administration is commendable.

 Upkeep of Security during festive season takes prime focus as the huge congregation of people makes them easy targets of terrorism. 
According to me their lies a common understanding even in the terror camps to not disturb the festive season. 
The logic is simple, an attack on any prominent Hindu festival could trigger an counter attack on the minorities hence threatening the support base of terror organisation.

I have no doubt that though an average Muslim is fed up of terror and wants to see kids growing in a safe and secure environment, many are hard core sympathizers and financiers of the act of propagation of terror.

As i write this post the Ganesha ceremony is inching towards a closer with peace..We in Mumbai chant Ganpati Bappa Morya Pudhcha varshi Luvkarya!!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Laughing on Bomb Blasts!!!??

Last noon at the office, during lunch we happened to see the news of bomb blast at Delhi…11 killed 75 injured outside Delhi High court!!
Three of us sharing food and thoughts started having a weird talk around who could have done it!!One of the colleague suggested going by the big high it gives media post a blast..he wouldn’t be surprised that it was done by a media guy..
Then the discussion veered to who else benefits from a blast…
Pat came the answer- Telecom companies….we all start calling each other to find if all is well??
Who else: Doctors and Hospitals??
Who else: Security companies??
Who else: Security device manufactures??
Who else:  Dis gruntlled political party trying to ward of attention from systemic corruption and failure??
Who else: God mens, cause in times like these our quantum of prayers increase many folds??
Sadly we laughed at our weird and sick logic and discussion…
Cause as citizens of this Great country we have learned to take Blasts and terror attacks in our stride..till the time its our own turn!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Indian media and politicians double standards!!

Aha as always it takes some brilliant but disruptive agency like Wikileaks to tell us what we have suspected already....
Wiki-leaks founder Assagne should be sent to mental asylum: Mayawati
Its horrible and so undemocratic,what kind of mentality allows one to send a privet jet to Mumbai from Lucknow to fetch sandals when one rules the poorest of poor??
Asking the cabinet minister to do sit-ups for meeting a constitutional head is so tinpot!!
The irony of the situation is Ms Mayawati proclaims to represent the poorest of poor and Dalits!!What a farce..the dalits should come out and protest against there exploitation by their own representative. I am sure the Dalits want some one who could improve their worsening situation rather than living a life of gross opulence!!The people of UP must draw a comparison with Ms Mamta Baneerjee and see how a leader should use public money!!
These leaks show the worst side of democracy when the elected reps rape the people!!
Now one burning question which comes to my mind is that what our so called hawk media guys where doing all these years!! Didn't they knew what was going on at we always need a foreign agency to pin point our fault lines!
Dear NDTV,CNNIBN,AAJTAK,INDIA TV,TOI,ET,HINDU would you all the so called 4th state care to describe why you guys are repeating wikileaks and claiming this is news to you...Introspect and and you will find that you bogged down or got bought over...Please clarify!! 

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Is Bombay the city of Sexual perverts??

Just a look at the TOI Mumbai edition of today reveals some horrible read:
1. Couple arrested for abuse of minor girls
2.Cops on rapists' trail bust flesh trade racket
3. Citizen bodies help trace the sodomiser
4. 60 yr old held for molestation
5. Youth arrested for rape
These are just the glimpses of a common days news from the metro-police..One thing i have noticed common in most cases is the perpetrator of the crime is a migrant laborer and the suffers are from the illegal shanties!!
life is not fair and equal but the plight of kids from lower income class is bad..they are predisposed to sexual violence and torture. Frightening fact is the custodians of there well being are the violators mostly!!
What kind of social support we are offering to these kids.
Who monitors the many orphanages run by the society..??To be continued!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mood of Mumbai!

The mood is somber..Mumbai saw a huge turnout yesterday from Juhu to Bandra. 100 thousand +people on the streets chanting...Long Live Anna..End corruption!!
Even in the small satellite towns and streets selfless group of individuals can be seen chanting slogans of corruption free movement..What India and Mumbai is witnessing is the History in making. The age group of fellow protesters is diverse from school kids to Sr citizens. The famous and fabled Dabbahwalas of Mumbai who pride themselves of 6 sigma honour, for the first time in their 120 yrs history went on a strike to support Anna!!
They say the writing on the wall is more clearly read by the people on the street rather than people ensconced in the AC rooms of the high-rise!!
The time is ripe the need is to be relentless in the demand for the Jan Lokpal bill...its now or Never!!Wake up the sleeping cynics!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


What has been happening in India since last couple of months is nothing short of the Jasmine revolution.Never has the Government of the day felt threatened by a man of short height and timid stature..but what he lacks in physical appearance gets fully compensated by the strong resolve of his core!!
World has got a new youth role model meet Anna Hazare....
In a diverse country like India its surprising to see the overwhelming response garnered by Anna in just an year.
He and his group of supporters have made the Central Government look like a bunch of fools. But despite his increasing clout and acceptance the true Gandhian remains humble and delightful.
Anna is ably supported by people of high morale caliber and with the wishes and sincere support form the masses is writing a new history for a new India.Kudos,Salute..Jai Hind!!