Thursday, August 18, 2011


What has been happening in India since last couple of months is nothing short of the Jasmine revolution.Never has the Government of the day felt threatened by a man of short height and timid stature..but what he lacks in physical appearance gets fully compensated by the strong resolve of his core!!
World has got a new youth role model meet Anna Hazare....
In a diverse country like India its surprising to see the overwhelming response garnered by Anna in just an year.
He and his group of supporters have made the Central Government look like a bunch of fools. But despite his increasing clout and acceptance the true Gandhian remains humble and delightful.
Anna is ably supported by people of high morale caliber and with the wishes and sincere support form the masses is writing a new history for a new India.Kudos,Salute..Jai Hind!!

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Mai Anna Hoo said...

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