Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ganpati Bappa and Security!

The resident god of Mumbai "The Ganesha" is on his yearly visit. This means a slew of Pandals and Puja canopies across the city..the locals organize and operate the festival, whose budgets cross millions of ruppees.

 Mumbai loves its Ganesha and thus huge lines can be seen outside the intricately and royally decorated tents.
However the challenge it brings to the establishment is enormous..the role of Mumbai Police and the local administration is commendable.

 Upkeep of Security during festive season takes prime focus as the huge congregation of people makes them easy targets of terrorism. 
According to me their lies a common understanding even in the terror camps to not disturb the festive season. 
The logic is simple, an attack on any prominent Hindu festival could trigger an counter attack on the minorities hence threatening the support base of terror organisation.

I have no doubt that though an average Muslim is fed up of terror and wants to see kids growing in a safe and secure environment, many are hard core sympathizers and financiers of the act of propagation of terror.

As i write this post the Ganesha ceremony is inching towards a closer with peace..We in Mumbai chant Ganpati Bappa Morya Pudhcha varshi Luvkarya!!

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