Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Indian media and politicians double standards!!

Aha as always it takes some brilliant but disruptive agency like Wikileaks to tell us what we have suspected already....
Wiki-leaks founder Assagne should be sent to mental asylum: Mayawati
Its horrible and so undemocratic,what kind of mentality allows one to send a privet jet to Mumbai from Lucknow to fetch sandals when one rules the poorest of poor??
Asking the cabinet minister to do sit-ups for meeting a constitutional head is so tinpot!!
The irony of the situation is Ms Mayawati proclaims to represent the poorest of poor and Dalits!!What a farce..the dalits should come out and protest against there exploitation by their own representative. I am sure the Dalits want some one who could improve their worsening situation rather than living a life of gross opulence!!The people of UP must draw a comparison with Ms Mamta Baneerjee and see how a leader should use public money!!
These leaks show the worst side of democracy when the elected reps rape the people!!
Now one burning question which comes to my mind is that what our so called hawk media guys where doing all these years!! Didn't they knew what was going on at Lucknow...do we always need a foreign agency to pin point our fault lines!
Dear NDTV,CNNIBN,AAJTAK,INDIA TV,TOI,ET,HINDU would you all the so called 4th state care to describe why you guys are repeating wikileaks and claiming this is news to you...Introspect and and you will find that you bogged down or got bought over...Please clarify!! 

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