Saturday, September 03, 2011

Is Bombay the city of Sexual perverts??

Just a look at the TOI Mumbai edition of today reveals some horrible read:
1. Couple arrested for abuse of minor girls
2.Cops on rapists' trail bust flesh trade racket
3. Citizen bodies help trace the sodomiser
4. 60 yr old held for molestation
5. Youth arrested for rape
These are just the glimpses of a common days news from the metro-police..One thing i have noticed common in most cases is the perpetrator of the crime is a migrant laborer and the suffers are from the illegal shanties!!
life is not fair and equal but the plight of kids from lower income class is bad..they are predisposed to sexual violence and torture. Frightening fact is the custodians of there well being are the violators mostly!!
What kind of social support we are offering to these kids.
Who monitors the many orphanages run by the society..??To be continued!!

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