Thursday, September 08, 2011

Laughing on Bomb Blasts!!!??

Last noon at the office, during lunch we happened to see the news of bomb blast at Delhi…11 killed 75 injured outside Delhi High court!!
Three of us sharing food and thoughts started having a weird talk around who could have done it!!One of the colleague suggested going by the big high it gives media post a blast..he wouldn’t be surprised that it was done by a media guy..
Then the discussion veered to who else benefits from a blast…
Pat came the answer- Telecom companies….we all start calling each other to find if all is well??
Who else: Doctors and Hospitals??
Who else: Security companies??
Who else: Security device manufactures??
Who else:  Dis gruntlled political party trying to ward of attention from systemic corruption and failure??
Who else: God mens, cause in times like these our quantum of prayers increase many folds??
Sadly we laughed at our weird and sick logic and discussion…
Cause as citizens of this Great country we have learned to take Blasts and terror attacks in our stride..till the time its our own turn!!

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