Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Strikes and Murders!!

Mumbai is a city of chaos..and more you travel the more chaotic it becomes. Some days back the Andheri RTO walke up and decided to check the rampant tempering of the Autoricksaws meters by drivers.
Afraid of being caught of the wrong doing the rick walas decided to call it a strike and stopped to ferry passengers!!
Now was it anger on authority or public??But the common public pays as one can notice the crowd outside stations..One of my friend came up with the logic that this strike is to vent anger towards the traffic and RTO authority cause it was they who took bribes and allowed the tampering to happen. Now they are going back on their promise of saving the interest of the tamperer autowalas??
The strike by the civic body staff added to the cheos as garbage started piling on the streets...the Mumbai moisture and humidity is so conducive to the rafting stench..anyone crossing a fish market or the Khari can vouch for the stench carrying capacity of Mumbai air.
One of my most dreaded experiance of coming out of the sterile Airtel office at Interface Malad and hit by the hot and humid air of the sea..which smells like dead fish!!Don't know how the Vegan populace deals with the ever strong stench of Mumbai!!
Mean while the city of Mumbai continue to witness killing of elderly women by the people one trusted.The latest murder was by the Grandson and his juvenile friends??Why -they just wanted the bike dad said no to!!
As in most cases the murder was solved thanks to the mobile phone tracking!!
Many still lie about their whereabouts forgetting the most common corroborating device the Cell!!Just one print out and all your privacy of where have you been is in front of the cops!!
So those who get inspired by the dirty crime shows and plan a shabby murder..learn to dump your mobile first...
And as for my darling Mumbai..a couple of strikes and stench its all taken in its sultry stride!!

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