Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Consumer attention span on decline!!

We are seeing a worldwide phenomenon which is the Friday syndrome!!Mumbai releases its movies on Fridays also called the Box office day...and in Mumbai parlance each Friday brings a new star...what happens to the earlier ones??Well they are easily forgotten...sounds familiar and rings a bell if you are in marketing function.
Catching the attention and retaining the mind share is the two basic premises of sales.

Recently i started to attend many Industry shows which showcase the existing and future range of product line. Today very rarely one finds a niche where one is the single it brings in to equation the Catching attention and retaining mind share concept. So if you are a Brand manager or in marketing i suggest you think of tradeshow giveaways as a gentle but constant reminder for your clients.

Whats important is to be subtle and not go over the top. Something which the customer is to carry daily or touch and feel daily is a good way to start...Key rings which are customized to water bottles which add hip to gyming...the ideas could be many and innovation can be brought in.

Today's smart marketers are subtly targeting the kids as they influence the purchase decision a lot but how ethical is it for your product and industry is a call one needs to take thinking of own kids....Happy retaining and innovating...